Hired Help is a company specializing in restaurant, hotel, and tourism industry that lends its helping hand to you in your hour of need.

For private customers, our main product is organizing and realizing parties of all sizes, even in your own home. If you wish, we will arrange a private chef and/or a server for you. We will also guide you through the mysteries of table setting, food presentation, and cooking.

For entrepreneurs, we offer temporary help or a part-time employee to ease everyday life. We can also help with different kinds of sales and marketing projects.



Hired Help is at your service when you want to organize a party. We have years of experience in tourism, restaurant, and hotel service assignments, and sales and marketing activities are also a part of our services.

As an entrepreneur, customer service has always been close to my heart, and now I want to lend you a helping hand at your home party, in your office, or at the party venue. I can also offer you temporary help in a restaurant or a hotel.

I have worked for decades in the hotel and restaurant industry, both in Finland and Frankfurt, Germany, and I speak Finnish, Swedish, English, and German. My job description has been quite diverse and interesting, and my previous job titles include Server, Restaurant Manager, Hotel Manager, Sales Secretary, Sales Manager, General Manager and The head of a manor.

One of my hobbies is Land Rover off-road driver training, so see you in the forest too!


Parties and events
Not all parties take place in a restaurant but at home or in venues that have no catering or liquor license, but I can arrange everything for you. I will plan the schedule and the program, even book the venue if necessary. I will order catering according to your wishes, set the tables, serve, and clean afterwards. This way, the hostess is free to take part in the festivities.

Even smaller parties need to be organized to succeed and that takes time. I will do the shopping for you, according to what you plan to offer. When you have a party at home, you can also deduct tax credit for domestic costs from my services, as far as the service takes place in your home.

I can also act as the master of ceremony at your party. Thoroughly planned weddings or birthdays are easy to program and host.

Sales and marketing
I have long-term experience in selling both products and services, and also sales campaigns and different kinds of projects are a part of my expertise. I can take care of your company´s sales and/or marketing at regular intervals, on the spot or from home – even run an advertising campaign for you. Ask or suggest, and we will make more plans!

Fairs, PR, and guide services
I will represent your company at a fair or host your summer event, even act as a substitute for an absent hostess at dinner. I will quickly adapt to the operating model and image of your company.

I have given guided tours half of my working life and studied the history and the relics of places. Now I will do it to you too, saving your precious time.

Short-term help
Employees may get ill or injured and have days-off and vacations, but don´t worry! I will take their place, even just for a few hours, and if necessary, get more help. You will only be charged for the hours spent on the
assignment, and the invoice will be sent afterwards, according to the contract. There are no other employer costs, and it is much easier and cheaper than hiring your own employee or someone from the contractor agency. Contact me, and we will agree on the prices.

Ask for an offer!


Contact information

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